Tips for Party-Perfect Vinyl Decks

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Tips for Party-Perfect Vinyl Decks

As school lets out and we all start enjoying warm summer evenings, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your vinyl deck is ready. For small gatherings or large celebrations, take Tuff Industries’ advice for getting ready.

Tip One: Vinyl Deck Safety Comes First

Before you even consider hosting a party on your vinyl deck, inspect it thoroughly. Every year there are multiple accidents and injuries associated with failed decks – whether due to over capacity or an underlying structural problem. Key signs of potential safety issues include:

  • Signs of water damage underneath the deck or on posts
  • Rotten boards, loose nails
  • Signs that the deck (ledger) is pulling away from the structure
  • Loose railings on the deck or staircase

If you have any concerns about your deck, have someone take a look. The last thing you want is a disaster to occur. This might mean postponing your summer deck party until you can get a new vinyl membrane installed, or have a Tufdek™ professional inspect your deck and recommend a course of action.

Tip Two: Find Shade

Temperatures are heating up across North America this summer, with some areas experiencing extreme temperatures even though summer hasn’t technically arrived yet. This means you need to provide ways for your party guests to cool down – with shelter from the sun, cool drinks, even a mister or two. Check out these ideas for creating shade (in a pinch hang a white or light-colored sheet).

Tip Three: Part Zone Planning

Although it’s perfectly fine if you want everyone milling about and mingling you can take it up a notch by designating party zones: grilling, buffet, drinks, and seating. It might take some relocating of tables, chairs, etc., but will help your party feel more structured. It can help to place food/drink stations at the edge of the vinyl deck or even off of a vinyl patio to maximize space for guests to move around. For smaller decks, place coolers underneath food tables and put your “mix station” in your kitchen.

Don’t forget to include garbage cans so you have less clean up!

Tip Four: Ambiance!

Dreary decks can make it hard to get into “party” mode. Set aside a small budget for a few decorations: potted plants, citronella candles, lanterns, some new outdoor dinnerware. All these things don’t cost much but will help make your deck feel more welcoming. You might want to grab a few throw pillows and a tablecloth while you are at it to pull everything together.

Tip Five: Centerpiece

It’s always nice for people to have something to talk about during summer get-togethers – you can help by investing in a talking piece. Perhaps a fire pit? New glass and vinyl deck railings? How about a fun appetizer? There are limitless options, all culminating in a fun (and safe) summer deck party. Enjoy!

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