5 Myths About Popular Deck Flooring Options

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5 Myths About Popular Deck Flooring Options

Now that the weather is (finally) warming, you might be thinking that now’s the perfect time to replace the surface of your deck.But which of the many deck flooring options should you choose? Tuff Industries explores a few myths about deck flooring options so you can make the right decision for your sundeck, patio, or deck.

Myth One: There’s Only a Few Good Deck Flooring Options

While wood and composite have proved popular over the years, outdoor vinyl technology has provided homeowners with a whole range of great deck flooring options. Regardless of your budget, vinyl decking provides a great option for new decks or recovering older ones. The takeaway here is to explore all the options (and benefits) of the different deck flooring options before making a final decision.

Myth Two: It’s Too Expensive

Homeowners often avoid making improvements to their decks, simply because they assume that the option to do so is too expensive. This can actually make a future deck improvement more expensive. By leaving an old deck for too long small issues (water damage, leaks, broken boards, etc.) can lead to much larger (and costlier) problems.

Covering an older deck with a new vinyl membrane can not only help refresh and older deck, it can stop problems in their tracks and protect your deck, as well as your home. In fact, choosing a high-quality PVC vinyl decking can add value to your home and make it easier to sell in the future.

Myth Three: Everyone Wants Wood

Wood is certainly a popular option, and one of the oldest available choices, but it’s not the only option. While a new wood deck certainly looks great, other options offer great looks as well as longevity and ease of maintenance. For example, Tufdek™ offers terrific patterns that mimic the look of wood, but is easier to install and offers long-term waterproof deck protection.

Myth Four: There are Limited Eco-Friendly Options

For years, woods was the only deck flooring option that was considered eco-friendly. Today, though, there are more options. For example, vinyl decking has a long lifespan and is recyclable at the end of its usefulness, so there’s no waste created. On the other hand, although wood is a renewable resource, the layers of paint, stain, and lacquer makes it difficult to recycle. Composite has a similar issue – it’s not recyclable and can create a toxic environment when it’s cut for your deck.

Myth Five: Vinyl Decking is DIY

While there are certainly DIY options out there, vinyl decking doesn’t have to be installed on your own if you’d rather have help. There are plenty of qualified vinyl deck professionals out there that can ensure that your new deck membrane is installed correctly, so you can have a gorgeous deck surface for the next couple of decades. Imagine – not having to worry about your deck for the next 20 or more years!

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