Top Tips For Building a Vinyl Roof Deck

Top Tips For Building a Vinyl Roof Deck

If you’ve never renovated or built a home or structure before, you might not know about the hoops that are involved when it comes to building a vinyl roof deck. Tuff Industries has pulled together everything you need to know about building vinyl roof decks.

Look at Legalities

Before you invest any more time or money into building a vinyl roof deck, find out whether building a vinyl roof is permitted in your area. Each city has a range of regulations as to the size and composition of roof decks, and whether they are even permitted. Talk to your local bylaw control over a contractor about the laws in your area.

Get Professional Assistance

Building a vinyl roof deck is no easy feat, and there are many components to consider, such as:

  • Strength: Will your vinyl deck stand up to wind, snow, and the load of people and furniture on the deck?
  • Structural integrity: Ensuring that the installation of your deck doesn’t affect the integrity of the rest of your home:
  • Waterproofing: Creating a waterproof barrier so your deck and home are protected, as well as

Unless you’re a contractor, you’ll probably want help in drawing up plans, choosing materials, and completing the installation within appropriate building codes.

Keep it on the Level

Before you lift a finger, ensure that you have all the correct paperwork in place. Again, having a contractor working on your vinyl roof deck project can make all the difference to keep your deck project moving forward. Keep in mind that some municipalities can take several weeks (even months) to approve applications for building permits, so you might have to plan to wait a bit. You might also have to talk to your homeowner’s association if you’re in a town- or rowhome.

If you’re planning on installing electrical, plumbing, or gas lines you might need additional permits and expertise.

Plan for Access

When your project starts to move forward, make sure you plan for contractors and delivery persons to have access to your vinyl roof deck. If you feel like there is a possibility of inconveniencing your neighbors you might want to give them a heads up first.

If access needs to occur inside your home, clear out any breakables and think about covering your carpets/floors. Alternatively, you might want to look at hiring a crane to transport materials to the roof, to reduce the strain on workers.

Invest in Waterproof Membrane

Besides being virtually maintenance free, a waterproof vinyl deck membrane can protect your deck, and your home, for the long term. Your home, your roof deck, and you deserve the best quality materials that complement your home.

While your roof deck is being built, have your contractor look for signs of rot, water damage, etc., in any area that connects to the roof deck. You can take care of any issues now, so your roof deck is 100% waterproof.

Add Some Flair

Once your vinyl roof deck nears completion, take the extra step of investing in some new furniture and accessories for your deck. For the sunny side, find a good umbrella or retractable shade so you can enjoy your new vinyl roof deck in virtually any weather. If you have the room a fire pit can add a nice touch, as well as outdoor entertainment and a cooking area.

Are you ready to get started? Start by checking out some great vinyl roof deck projects on Houzz, or talk to a contractor in your area.

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