7 Easy Vinyl Roof Deck Improvements


7 Easy Vinyl Roof Deck Improvements

Unless you’re the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time inside your home, these 7 roof deck essentials will have you using your roof deck again and again throughout spring and summer. You can get more out of your deck space. These do-it-yourself vinyl roof deck improvement ideas are courtesy of Tufdek!

Tip One: Roof Deck Shade

If you found yourself hiding from the heat, it might be time to look at other shade solutions, other than just your standard patio umbrella. You can find a good selection of pergolas and gazebos at places like The Home Depot or Lowes, but look for lighter options as well. For example, a shade sail (available at Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.) can be installed to block the afternoon sun specifically but this roof deck essential can also easily be taken down or adjusted according to the sun or the weather.

Keep in mind that most structures (or at least their coverings) will have to be dismantled and removed from your vinyl roof deck when winter comes to avoid damage from snow load, rain and wind. This process should be part of your vinyl deck fall maintenance routine.

Patio Mister – If the heat is still an issue, consider a patio mister, which can be turned on to spray a light fog of water droplets that helps to keep your body temperature down. It’s a terrific option for families who don’t want overheated kids, but still want to enjoy their vinyl roof decks on hot days.

Tip Two: Invest in Serving Ware

This may sound silly, but if everything on your roof deck is, well, budget, then you might find that you enjoy using it less (think plastic tableware, scratched drink pitchers, etc.). Think about investing in some quality serving ware that matches both the tone and style of your vinyl roof deck, as well as your own personality. You can pick up these rood deck essentials in bone china, or maybe look for a quirky dish and serving set. They can be purchased for less than you think and used to add a splash of color or a bit of interest to your space. Even something that is “new to you” can make a difference in making your space feel new to you.

Tip Three: Roof Deck Kitchen

How much do you really enjoy spending time on your roof deck? If the answer is “a whole lot,” then it might be time to consider adding an outdoor kitchen. This roof deck essential serves two benefits: first, you can spend more time outdoors and entertaining; second, you keep the heat outside instead of using your indoor kitchen on the hottest days, which can actually save you money on heating costs.

Getting your outdoor roof deck kitchen started isn’t too difficult, you just need to know what you’re looking for – luckily, Tufdek™ has it all outlined for you in our outdoor kitchen article.

Tip Four: Roof Deck Lighting

It’s remarkable how much a simple string of white Christmas lights or colored paper lanterns can improve the look of your vinyl roof deck after dark. You can take the extra step and toss a few lights on nearby trees for a fully-festive outdoor enjoyment area. Don’t forget also to invest in pest management so it’s not just bugs that are taking advantage.

Tip Five: Roof Deck Entertainment

Roof deck essentials have to include entertainment. Don’t let your outdoor living space be on the receiving end of unappealing ambient noise – traffic, neighbors, etc. A wireless sound system  is not just a roof deck amenity. This roof deck essential is a quick and easy way to get great sound outdoors without having to worry about wires. All you have to do is hang or place them (usually in corners) and connect them to your iPhone or music system via Bluetooth. They are also easy to take with you if you happen to upgrade.

Tip Six: Roof Deck Seating & Storage

It’s hard to strike a balance between having enough seating when a friend or two stops by, to avoiding clutter on your vinyl roof deck the rest of the time. The solution is seating/storage solutions – benches or boxes that act as seating on top but open up so you can put items inside. The trick though, is to make sure your seating choice is comfortable, as no one wants to sit on a hard plastic box, no matter how nice the view from your roof deck is – so consider some throw pillows or cushions (which have the added benefit of making your roof deck look that much better).

Tip Seven: Get Back to Nature

Roof decks have the distinct disadvantage of feeling more a part of a house than a part of the outdoors; meaning that you’ll have to take some extra steps to help it feel more outdoorsy. Plants and hanging baskets are additional roof deck essentials that can help, but you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t letting water pool against any surface on your roof deck to avoid causing rot. For smaller vinyl roof decks, consider a vertical herb garden that can hang on your wall. You can find lots of small herb gardens and container vegetables that can complement your cooking as well as looking, smelling, and tasting great.

Before you make any major changes, you’ll want to get your vinyl roof deck inspected to ensure that it is still protecting the underlying structure. If it’s time for a change, consider installing a new vinyl deck membrane – it can make all the difference and will keep your roof deck protected and looking great for many, many years. Now is the time to book your vinyl deck surface installation with Tufdek™, before everyone else has the same idea!

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