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Patio Decking – Tufdek Vinyl Decking

It used to be that you had one of two options when selecting a base for your patio: patio stones or concrete. However, with the advent of newer, thicker PVC vinyl membranes it’s now possible to install a vinyl patio. Here’s why Tufdek thinks you should consider using Tufdek for your patio decking:

Great Looks

The first thing you’ll notice with Tufdek vinyl membranes is that they look fantastic. Compared to a concrete surface, vinyl decking is the right choice if you want a surface that looks elegant and adds to the look of your outdoor space. You can choose a contemporary color and pattern that blends in and feels like a part of your home, or you can select something that stands out to make your space shine.

Cool On the Feet

With concrete patios, it can be a real pain when the summer heat sets in. With the full sun on your patio, you’ll quickly find that walking on your patio can be very uncomfortable – especially on the tender feet of children and pets. Covering your patio with vinyl decking (particularly Tufdek’s Cool-Step decking) helps to keep your deck cool – so you don’t have to worry about hot feet.

cool step

Perfect Pool Surrounds

When your patio extends around a pool, installing a PVC vinyl membrane makes even more sense. Not only does it stay cool, but it also provides you with a safe, slip-proof surface to prevent falls. Covering a concrete pool surround with vinyl also creates a consistent look for your home.

Colors and Shapes

Although concrete and patio stones do offer some options, you’ll have a lot more flexibility when you work with Tufdek vinyl surfaces. Colors range from warm wood tones to cool whites, with a variety of textures to suit your personal style. Additionally, decking contractors can work with you to create fun curves and shapes, rather than your traditional 90-degree angles.

Worry-Free Maintenance

Imagine this – no weeds, no green slime – just a perfect surface. Tufdek vinyl membranes need only a quick clean a few times a year and then they are good to go. You cut down on the time spent maintaining your patio, leaving more time to enjoy it (or start another project!).

Patio Decking Dealer

Whether you already have a patio or are thinking of installing one, vinyl deck surfaces are a terrific choice for all types of patios – large or small, square or squiggly. Talk to an Authorized Tufdek Dealer today and find out just how a vinyl membrane could transform your backyard.

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