5 Mother’s Day Gifts to Compliment Vinyl Decks 2018

Basket of pick roses siting in the grass

5 Mother’s Day Gifts to Compliment Vinyl Decks 2018

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – are you struggling for a gift? Tuff Industries has pulled together some of the best, last-minute gifts for the Mother in your life, to compliment her garden or to decorate vinyl decks.

Delicious Barbecue

For all the nights that mom cooks dinner, give her a chance for a break and bust out the barbecue. Grill some salmon, throw together some shish-kabobs or even create a gourmet baked potato bar with all the fixings. For the perfect touch, pick up some new outdoor serving ware instead of your usual tired old outdoor dishes.

Flowers are Great for Vinyl Decks

If you’re stuck for a fantastic gift for an amazing mom or gradma, flowers are a great bet. Given the time of year, you can find some terrific outdoor baskets, planters, and plants to help turn vinyl decks into an oasis. Look for hardy plants that don’t require a lot of care, and be aware of how much sun/shade the plant is going to receive on the deck. Also look at the container – some are cheap plastic, while for a little bit more you can get a terracotta, porcelain or clay pot that will last years so mom can keep using it.

Feel free to strike out on your own. Combine a nice pot plus a few of her favorite flowering plants, grasses, and some greenery. If you have the budget, make two, because a matching set it better!

Select Seating

Does mom like to hang out on her vinyl deck, reading a book, watching birds, or just enjoying the sun? Help her get comfortable with a new chair, lounge, chaise, etc. Gravity chairs are great, so are loungers. If mom likes a more natural feel a hammock might be in order. If a chair isn’t on the menu, consider some nice shade with an umbrella, so mom can get out of the sun without leaving her comfortable spot on her vinyl deck.

Bring in Birds & Butterflies

There’s nothing like listening to the chirp of birds when sipping a cup of coffee on the deck in the morning. So add some encouragement! Pick up a funky bird feeder or a hummingbird feeder and find a place near the deck (but not too close) to install it. You can find awesome bird feeders at local home and garden stores (along with flowers). You can also find bird feeder kits to build with your kids, or build your own. Pick up some seed, hang the feeder, and the mom in your life can enjoy the results.

Most moms love to see a bit more nature in their yard, so consider butterfly and bee friendly plants to encourage local wildlife to come visit. Ensure that the plant you choose suits the area – many big chain stores bring in bulk plants without consideration to whether it will last the winter or not.

Add Some Warmth to Vinyl Decks

If the mom in your life loves the outdoors, but tends to get a chill on cooler days or after the sun goes down, consider adding some heat. The solution could be a fire pit or fire table, overhead propane heater, or even a nice quilt that she can crawl under when it’s cooler. There are limitless options!

New Vinyl Decks Make Great Gifts

If your deck is a shambles, deteriorating, or just looks shabby, it might be time to give the gift of a brand new vinyl deck. The mom in your life can enjoy a beautiful new deck and the whole family can take credit. Check out our gallery of beautiful vinyl decks for inspiration, and make a quick decision for Mother’s Day!


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