Fall Decor Ideas – Tufdek

Newly finished lakefront vinyl decking with deck furniture and babecue

Fall Decor Ideas – Tufdek

Fall Decor Ideas – Tufdek

Fall will be arriving soon and you may already feel temperatures cooling off. But before you start putting everything away for the season consider these fall decor idea tips from Tufdek to prepare your deck, porch, or patio for the upcoming fall months. Tufdek Waterproof Deck Solutions is the industry leader in deck waterproofing creating dry usable space underneath or over top of living space.

Pack It Up Slowly

There will still be days that you’ll want to enjoy warmer afternoons on your outdoor space, so refrain from completely clearing your deck just yet. Start with the items you’ll no longer use like hammocks, loungers, sun shades, etc. Then move on to items that aren’t great at being wet for long periods such as cushions and area rugs. You’ll be left with what you can use and make it easier to clear the deck for the winter months.

Another great fall decor idea tip is to move larger items, such as planters, barbecues, etc. out of the way, so that dirt and leaves don’t build up around the area. Once there’s significant debris plus moisture on a deck, porch, or patio you’ll be left with a gunky mess that’s more difficult to clean come spring.

Regularly Clear Debris

You might enjoy the beautiful fall colors as the leaves turn yellow, red, and orange, but letting those leaves accumulate on your outdoor surface is a recipe for a mess. The fall decor idea we highly recommend is staying ahead of the game by clearing leaves off as soon as possible. It will help your patio surface, as well as save you tons of time in the winter and spring. If you have a Tufdek Waterproof Deck then you can refer to our maintenance instructions for regularly cleaning your deck surface.

Get Ahead Of Winter

It’s lovely to spend time watching fall turn to winter, especially when you’re warm and snug indoors. If you leave your fall cleanup for too long you’ll have to brave the slush to clear the area or have more of an issue come spring. A great fall decor idea is to not put it off until spring and clear your patio of debris now. Hose down the surface, use a soft brush to remove stuck-on dirt and hose again. It doesn’t take long and will save you time, energy, and frustration next year.

Consider Improvements Now

Although you may be eager to get those last few weeks out of your patio, if it’s in need of improvement now is a perfect time to plan a renovation. Come spring, you’ll want to use the space to welcome back the sun. You may find that others have booked up all the qualified contractors in the area, and your project will have to wait. We recommend contacting an Authorized Tufdek Dealer if you’re considering renovating your outdoor space and see for yourself what makes Tufdek the best choice when it comes to your waterproof decking needs. Available in 14 beautiful colors and with an industry-leading 15-year warranty contact us today for a free quote for your next project!


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