Decorating Vinyl Decks with the Color of the Year: Purple

Purple trellis with potted flowers

Decorating Vinyl Decks with the Color of the Year: Purple

Are you a trend seeker? Trendsetter? Then you’ll love to be the first to decorate vinyl decks with Pantone’s color of the year: purple. Specifically, the color is called 18-3838 or Ultra Violet – a lovely, soft and deep purple. So how should you use it on vinyl decks? Here are a few ideas:

Idea #1: Ultra Violet Fabrics

Embrace purple with some snazzy fabrics on your vinyl deck. Sew up a few throw pillows, find a neat pattern for patio chairs, even paint metal furniture with custom-mixed outdoor paint. Check out some of the other trends for vinyl decks of you want additional ideas.

Idea #2: Violet Accents on Vinyl Decks

If purple fabrics aren’t your cup of tea, add a few splashes with some violet accents on vinyl decks. New (or repainted) planter pots are a great place to start – so are items like cups, cutlery, plates, and other dishware.

Idea #3: Add Some Art on Vinyl Decks

A splash of purple on a wall adjoining your vinyl deck is a perfect way to embrace Pantone’s color of the year. Even if it’s just a blank canvas painted with a pot of color from an art store, it can add some flavor to your area. Throw a few splashes of white and yellow on as well and you’ll have a brand-new masterpiece to enjoy.

Idea #4: Violet Plants

Not ready to commit to the color of the year? How about some plants? You can find luscious flowers, grasses, even herbs in various shades of purple. If you want a variety of plants for pots you can combine with yellow grasses or something light green that offers a touch of texture.

Some great plants to consider including: lavender, clematis (climbing vine), salvia, allium, wild indigo, purple fountaingrass and more.

Idea #5: Boost Violet with Other Colors

You can give purple a power burst by combining it with other vibrant shades like yellow, orange, and green. Or you can tone Ultra Violet down with subtle shades such as light grey, soft pinks, or pastel blues. It all depends on the mood you want on vinyl decks – soft and calming, or funky and bright.

If nothing in the world will distract you from a peeling, faded, or cracked vinyl deck membrane then your first order of business should be to contact a Tufdek professional to come by and evaluate your vinyl deck. Otherwise, have a blast decorating with Pantone’s Ultra Violet!

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