Deck Decor – 2019 Design Trends for Vinyl Patios, Decks & Outdoor Spaces


Deck Decor – 2019 Design Trends for Vinyl Patios, Decks & Outdoor Spaces

Deck Decor – Decorating Decks and More

Another year is here and spring is closer than you think – are you ready? Amp up your deck décor on and around vinyl patios and decks this year by taking a page or two out of style guides, so you can have a hip, stylish outdoor space. Here are a few ways to get started:

Deck Decor Trend #1: Webbing and Interesting Details

Woven fabrics, webbed seats, and similar details are grabbing stylists attention. Big, chunky seats with webbed seats and backs make a bold statement on any deck or patio, so be ready to grab these pieces as soon as you see them around town and enhance your deck decor.

Deck Decor Trend #2: Long and Low

Bar seating was all the rage not too long ago, but now seating has taken a few literal steps down. Low seats are in, as are long couches where you and your friends can hang out with drinks and appys while you wait for barbecue to warm up.

Deck Decor Trend #3: Mix it Up on Vinyl Patios

Gone are the days where all your pieces have to be identical shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Mix it up! Pair old with new, classic with contemporary, bold and brave with soft and sweet. While not “anything” will mix well together, with a few pieces you can create an interesting deck decor space instead of one that looks like it came straight from the store.

Deck Decor Trend #4:  Go Chunky

Indoors, chunky blankets are a bit hit, while outdoors it’s the furniture that gets hefty. Large, square legs are perfectly paired with low-slung furniture mentioned above. Wood gets the nod here and has the added advantage of ageing beautifully over time and standing up to whatever weather gets thrown at it. Tufdek Designer Wood Plank Series add the perfect touch for your outdoor space.

Deck Decor Trend #5: All About Comfort on Vinyl Decks

While you may be trying to make a statement when it comes to your choice of patio furniture, that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort. Choose furniture and accessories that you like to spend time on/with and enjoy them! This includes blankets, cozy cushions, soft lights and in general anything that makes spending time on your deck more enjoyable.

Above all, the top deck decor trend for 2019 is to have vinyl decks or patios that you want to get out on – which might mean that your space is in need of a makeover this year. Start planning for a new vinyl membrane now and have it ready for spring!

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