Celebrate National Deck Safety Month – Inspect Your Vinyl Deck

Celebrate National Deck Safety Month – Inspect Your Vinyl Deck

vinyl deck safety monthMay is National Deck Safety Month, and for good reason. Every year thousands of decks fail or have major safety issues that cause injuries and even death. As the weather warms, consider looking over your vinyl deck to ensure it is safe – before there’s a problem.

Tuff Industries wants you to have a safe vinyl deck season this year, so take a look at the following recommendations:

Decks Deal with a Lot

Your home is protected by a roof and siding, which keeps water, wind, and sun off of the structure. Your deck is much less protected. A vinyl membrane goes a long way towards protecting your deck surface, but over time the elements will cause wear and tear – which may require repair or replacement of parts of your deck.

Vinyl Deck Accidents are Preventable

Decks don’t just randomly fail – as much as the news outlets would have you believe that they do. By regularly checking over your deck you can usually spot potential problems and have them fixed before they become a safety issue.

Check for Looseness Regularly

The primary areas where safety issues occur are railings and the ledger board – where your deck is joined to your home or building. By ensuring these areas are secure, you can …

All Vinyl Decks have a Lifespan

While your house could stay standing for a hundred years or more, decks are not so permanent. Most decks have an expected lifespan of 10-20 years, sometimes more. If your deck is nearing this age, you’ll want to watch for warning signs of wear, decay, rot, or looseness. Under your vinyl membrane, be particularly aware of softness in the deck boards – it’s a bit harder to detect when you have a vinyl deck surface, but at the same time, it should extend your deck’s lifespan.

Millions of Decks at Risk

There are approximately 40 million decks in North America that are 20 years or older – and a majority of these decks do not meet current building code regulations. Rather than take the risk, be proactive and check your deck over thoroughly at least once per year.

Professionals Can Save Your Deck

Don’t despair if you find evidence that your deck is unsafe – in many cases, the issue can be corrected by a deck professional without having to replace your deck. Making repairs and installing a new vinyl membrane can make all the difference to extend the lifespan of your deck for the long term.


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