4 Things to Consider Before Replacing a Vinyl Roof Deck

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4 Things to Consider Before Replacing a Vinyl Roof Deck

Making major repairs on a home can be a hassle, one that we all love to postpone. With vinyl roof decks, however, delaying repairs could lead to major structural damage to your home. Additionally, it could compromise the safety of your vinyl roof deck.

Before you jump in with a full vinyl roof deck replacement, Tuff Industries advises that you consider the following.

How Extensive is the Vinyl Roof Deck Damage?

While some damage certainly does require (or should require) a full replacement of the underlying structure, sometimes your vinyl roof deck might just be in need of a little TLC. The same goes if you are unsatisfied with the look of your deck, it might just need a makeover to get it looking new and to increase your enjoyment. Likewise, only a few pieces of the deck might need replacing, rather than the whole thing, to cut back on the expense.

Only a qualified deck contractor or inspector can advise whether your deck needs repair or replacement – get your roof deck looked at ASAP if you think it’s in need of repair before the damage becomes more severe.

Do You Want a New Vinyl Roof Deck?

If you’re frustrated with your current deck, then you might be leaning towards taking out the whole thing and rebuilding. This makes sense if you a) can afford the expense and b) want to make structural changes (such as enlarging the deck, changing points of entry, adding a staircase, etc.). If this is the case, then a new vinyl roof deck could be a great investment.

Again, a contractor can really help you sort out your options. Perhaps you want to increase visibility by putting in glass panels rather than your current half-wall or railing – this can be done without replacing the whole deck. They can also advise if there are easy changes you can make at the same time to make your vinyl roof deck more user-friendly or accessible.

How Simple is the Fix?

If your roof deck requires only simple fixes, you obviously don’t want to tear out the whole thing. However, at a certain point those small fixes add up, and it might save you money in the long term to invest in a new vinyl roof deck, rather than making continuous repairs. At the least, completing small repairs and recovering the deck with a new vinyl membrane can ensure that there is a waterproof barrier between your deck and your home.

Is a New Vinyl Roof Deck Worth the Investment?

There are two types of return on investment that you get with a new vinyl deck. One is the value that it adds to your home, making it easier to sell and enhancing its value. The second is increasing the value and use to you, the current homeowner. If you don’t currently use your roof deck for whatever reason, making a change could improve the deck and make it more worthwhile to use.

The first step towards determining whether your vinyl roof deck needs repair or replacement is to have it assessed. Find a Tufdek™ vinyl roof decking contractor to get started.

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