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PVC Vinyl Decking | Tufdek™

PVC Vinyl Decking – Tufdek

Even in the hottest part of the year, through the remainder, many parts of North America are still susceptible to large volumes of rain. Choosing the right pvc vinyl decking is all the more important to protect your deck and the underlying structures. Tufdek explores waterproof decking and the advantages of choosing the right vinyl membrane for your project.

PVC Vinyl Decking Offers Slip Resistance

Wood and composite decking can often get slippery in the rain (or when spilled on). This can easily create a safety issue and could result in slips and falls, which at any age are not advisable. Implementing a vinyl membrane that includes a slip-resistant surface not only offers waterproof deck protection but also increases the safety of your deck.

Professional Installation Prevents Leaks

Although many vinyl deck surfaces can be installed yourself; hiring a professional deck installer can make all the difference. Choosing professional installation will ensure that your deck is constructed to remove water, that where the edge of the deck meets your house uses appropriate flashing to keep water from entering the structure, and ensures that the vinyl membrane is installed appropriately to maximize its lifespan.

Cut Down on Mold and Mildew

Wood is not naturally resistant to the effects of damp; that is, mold and mildew. While a wood deck can be treated with stain or sealant to protect from mold and mildew, any exposed area (or surfaces that have not been treated recently) will be prone to mold, mildew, and eventually rot. A Tufdek PVC vinyl decking surface is not only completely waterproof; it is manufactured with anti-microbials making it resistant to the growth of mold and mildew.

Waterproof Decking Equals Less Maintenance

The coating on a waterproof surface – while offering great things like mildew and slip resistance – all come together to offer a beautiful surface as well as cutting down on annual maintenance. Whereas other types of decks (wood particularly) need significant regular maintenance in order to maintain their waterproof properties, a vinyl deck surface is an inherently low maintenance – simply requiring a quick clean and a light brush a few times per year.

Increased Protection, Longer Lifespan

Completely waterproofing your roof deck, vinyl deck, or patio means one thing – a longer lifespan for your deck. By protecting the structure of your deck with a PVC vinyl membrane, you’re ensuring that your deck will last for the long term. Imagine that, you could install a new vinyl deck surface this year and enjoy it well into the next decade.

Contact Us Today

For more information about using Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking on your next project contact us today. You can visit the contact us page on our website, call us toll-free at 1-877-860-9333, or send us an email at info@tuffindustriesinc.com. Our Tufdek team of waterproof professionals is ready to answer any of your questions Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm PST.

If you live in a watery climate, consider all the benefits that Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking offers – it’s well worth the investment.

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