Cover Your Rental with Vinyl Deck Surfaces


Cover Your Rental with Vinyl Deck Surfaces

Protect Your Investment with Waterproof Vinyl Decking

Rental housing can be a boon for anyone looking for an extra income source, or it can be a financial drain and enormous hassle. The key to ensuring that your rental home, condo, or other residence is financially viable is to find a balance between quality and affordable improvements that will keep your rental in tip-top condition. So what do we suggest when it comes to decks, patios, or pool surrounds? Vinyl deck surfaces, of course.

Vinyl Deck Surfaces: Low/No Maintenance

While you could slap a coat of stain or paint on your rental deck and call it a day; in the long run, this isn’t a good plan. It means you’ll have to continue this upkeep year after year and that time adds up. However, if you choose to install vinyl deck surfaces, you’ll simply need to sweep off the deck in the spring and fall (which your tenant can likely manage).

Vinyl Deck Surfaces: Hard Wearing

Installing long-lasting decking materials can go a long way towards cutting down on annual expenses to make your rental property more profitable. A vinyl membrane, once installed, can last 10, 20 years or more. That means at least one decade (probably more) where you don’t have to worry about your vinyl deck.

Vinyl Deck Surfaces: Waterproof Protection

Water and wood don’t go well together, as we know. You can help your rental deck and the home/building by installing a vinyl membrane. It will protect not only the surface of the deck/patio, but also keep water away from the underlying structure and the building.

Vinyl Deck Surfaces: Perfect for Pool Surrounds

If your rental house, apartment building, or other investment property has a pool you might want to consider a vinyl deck membrane for a pool surround. It will enhance the look of the pool and cover up any unsightly broken or cracked concrete.

Vinyl Deck Surfaces: Great for Selling

Sprucing up a rental before selling can help you get a better return on your investment, as well as helping the property to sell more quickly. Covering decks and patios with a vinyl membrane is a quick, simple way to give the place a facelift, without an extensive investment (time or money).

Having a professional installation is important to ensure that the vinyl deck surfaces are correctly installed. Additionally, the contractor can ensure that your deck is safe for future renters. Save money and protect your investment, all in one go!


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