Best Outdoor Decking Material

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Best Outdoor Decking Material

Best Outdoor Decking Material

Tufdek™ vinyl decking is the best outdoor decking material to completely waterproof, protect, and enjoy your outdoor space. What makes Tufdek unique is the way it’s engineered and manufactured with an overall product thickness of 61 mils. The strength and durability of Tufdek comes from our 14 x 18 non-wicking weft reinforcement which is laminated into our product assembly.

Tufdek Has 5 Distinct Layers:

  • A PVC bottom film
  • Our Non-wicking Weft reinforcement
  • A PVC top film, printed with our proprietary water-based inks
  • Our Aqueous based inks which give Tufdek its unique texture and appearance
  • Finally, our exclusive Polycarbonate top coat which protects Tufdek from the harmful effects of the sun

Tufdek Product Thickness is 61 mils

The World’s Strongest Vinyl Decking

This unique laminated assembly makes Tufdek the strongest in puncture, breaking, and bursting strength compared to all competitive products. If your looking for the best outdoor decking material in then look no further. There are no splinters with Tufdek vinyl decking, or repainting/re-staining requirements to keep it looking good. This makes Tufdek the perfect outdoor surface for kids, pets, and it is certainly barefoot friendly. Tufdek is a Complete Waterproof Deck Solution for your outdoor living space which will stand the test of time!

Color Patterns

Tufdek is the best option for a maintenance-free and beautiful outdoor living space. Our designs and colors complement any furniture, home decor, or entertaining purpose on your patio, plus it functions as a durable, walkable, waterproofing material with over a dozen tested designs to match any home decor. These designs include a wide variety of colors and patterns that have been consumer tested and approved and are the result of vigorous testing and development.

Cool-Step™ Designs

Enjoying your waterproof sundeck on a sunny day can be so relaxing, but sometimes that outdoor surface can get hot which is common with many surfaces exposed to direct sunlight, think about running across a sandy beach or sitting on the seats in your car on a hot day. For those of you concerned about excessive heat we recommend our Cool Step™ designs.  These cool products provide unique solar reflective characteristics that help make your outdoor experience even more enjoyable on those hot summer days. Look for the Cool Step logo on select Tufdek waterproof vinyl deck colors for a cooler color choice for your outdoor space.

When you find a little extra money in the household budget and your home is feeling in need of a change it’s time to consider a renovation. Here’s why Tufdek recommends installing a new vinyl deck as the best choice for your next renovation:

A Vinyl Deck Provides More Space to Host

If your last get-together felt a little cramped, then a new vinyl deck can provide much-needed entertaining space. In warmer months it’s a perfect place to host a barbeque, family get-together, or a casual gathering of friends. In the colder months, it can be used to store furniture to clear space indoors.

Increase Vinyl Deck Space

Are you have difficulty finding places to store your outdoor paraphernalia? Is your lawnmower under a tarp, your garden supplies hanging out in the mudroom? Perhaps you need a bit more space outside for storage. By adding a waterproof vinyl membrane to your deck you can make a dry space underneath for storage. It’s like two new spaces for the place of one.

Improves the Look of Your Home

Does your home feel like it’s missing something? Perhaps it needs a bit more character – adding a deck can help. By extending the living area of your home into the yard you can improve the look of your home. This, in turn, can increase your enjoyment and improve the home’s appeal when it comes time to sell.

Fast Project = More Enjoyment

If you’re putting off a new vinyl deck because you don’t want to deal with the hassle of construction, note that vinyl deck construction is a quick project, particularly compared to other home improvements like a new bathroom or kitchen renovation. In very little time you can start enjoying your vinyl deck.

Vinyl Decks Add to Your Home’s Value

Many studies have shown that a new Tufdek vinyl deck or patio is well worth the investment as it will add to your home’s resale value. You can easily recoup most, if not all of your costs upon resale by choosing the best outdoor decking material. Particularly if you choose an appealing design and a long-lasting vinyl membrane – so the next owners can simply enjoy the addition.

Vinyl Decks are Affordable

Adding a vinyl deck is one of the most affordable home improvement projects you can invest in – if your budget is a bit tight this year you might consider a vinyl deck this year and save up for a new project next year without negatively affecting your home finances. Of course, building a new vinyl deck is a process, one that requires professional input and planning to ensure that your deck is exactly how you want it. Adding a Tufdek vinyl membrane can make all the difference as well, helping your deck look great and last longer.

Contact Us Today!

Tufdek is sold and installed exclusively through our network of Authorized Tufdek Dealers across North America. With cutting edge designs and minimal maintenance Tufdek looks Amazing, protecting and adding value to any home. Stop maintaining your deck and start enjoying it with Tufdek. For more information about using Tufdek on your next project contact us today!

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