2018 Design Trends for Vinyl Patios and Decks

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2018 Design Trends for Vinyl Patios and Decks

A new year is almost upon us, and with that, you might be planning to get more use out of vinyl patios and decks this year. If you would like to make a few improvements, check out our top ideas for trends and improvements to vinyl patios and decks.

Trend #1: More Color

While 2017 was more about neutrals or monochrome pallets, 2018 is shaping up to be supercharged with color. How you use it on vinyl patios and decks is up to you. You can use accents here and there, or create a luxurious layering of various shades and tones.

Trend #2: Copper

Stainless steel is out, and warm copper is in.  It could influence your choice of vinyl deck railings, or simply inform on accents like fire bowls, coffee tables, patio furniture.

Trend #3: Floral Patterns

Geometric is going back to the 60s, and now it’s all about flower power. Invest in fabric with big florals, and you’ll be all set to embrace 2018.

Trend #4: Vintage Accents

It could be an old lamp, an antique chandelier, or even a key piece of refurbished furniture. If it’s old, it’s in! You can go the extra mile by combining your rustic piece with another 2018 design trend, such as a floral fabric, warm paint tones, or copper.

Trend #5: Go Rustic

Think farmhouse comfort – lots of wood, warm tones, natural accents. Considering a new vinyl deck membrane? Look for wood plank patterns. Otherwise, consider rustic wall hangings, wood furniture, cool decorations like bird nests and candles.

Trend #6: Concrete Décor

Chunky concrete is great for large vinyl patios and decks, to help break up space and make it feel homelier. Pair large pieces with lots of colors and a few patterns, otherwise your space might feel a bit utilitarian.

Trend #7: Minimalism

Tired of clutter? Embrace minimalism! One or two key pieces of furniture, combined with simple lines, colors, and accessories and help vinyl patios and decks feel like your own private oasis.

Trend #8: Neutrals with a splash

While neutrals were hot last year, in 2018 it’s time to freshen them up with a few splashes of color on vinyl patios and decks. You could add some throw cushions, plants, etc. to bring your space into the new year.

Trend #9: Warm Colors

From jewel tones, this year it’s time to bring a bit of warmth to vinyl patios and decks. Think burnt oranges, orange-reds, browns and warm whites. You can pick a single shade or stack them up, and combine with one of the other trends listed here.

Trend #10: Upcycling

Make what’s old new again, and save money! Pallet furniture is big for vinyl patios and decks and fits right in with the rustic theme. You can make coffee tables, sofas, and loungers, even wall planters. Other upcycling opportunities abound – all you need is a few materials and some imagination.

Embrace 2018 with some new trends to transform your vinyl deck or patio and, if needed, combine it with a brand-new vinyl membrane to have a whole new outlook on your space.

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