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Managing Snow and Ice on your Vinyl Deck or Patio

In many parts of the country, winter has finally arrived, if it didn’t show up with a bang already and whimper away – which means it’s time to consider how you’re going to clean snow and ice off your vinyl deck. Keeping your deck clear, slip-free, and safe is key to having a good winter […]

Preparing Your Vinyl Roof Deck for Winter

Tips to Ensure Vinyl Roof Deck Readiness for Cold Weather As the leaves fall and debris collects around your roof deck, you might be thinking fondly of curling up beside the fireplace rather than enjoying the outdoors. Before you head inside to prepare a cup of hot chocolate, take an afternoon to prepare your roof […]

Outdoor Living Room with Tufdek™

Do you step out on your deck and immediately feel like heading back inside? Perhaps it’s time to try a few of these suggestions and use Tufdek vinyl decking to make your outside space feel more like an outdoor living room. Let Tufdek help you get more enjoyment out of your deck, patio, porch, or […]

Hire a Contractor or DIY a New Vinyl Deck?

Is DIY the Best for Deck Membrane Installation? We all love to save money, but at the same time we all also love to have high-quality projects when it comes to our homes – so should you DIY a new vinyl deck, or hire a contractor? As with most thing, it depends on a few factors: Factor #1: Scope of Vinyl Deck How big will your new vinyl deck be? Is it ground level or are there stairs? Are you looking for a straight rectangle or something more complex? Obviously the more complex the project, the more you might wan...

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