Decorating Vinyl Patios and Decks for the Holidays

CANDLE LANTERN with scarf, pine cones, present and snow

Decorating Vinyl Patios and Decks for the Holidays

Who says you have to keep all of you decorating inside, or limit it to the front of your home only? We at Tuff Industries encourage you to embrace your inner holiday elf and decorate vinyl patios and decks for the holidays as well! Here are some of our top tips:

Tip #1: Tree, Anyone?

If you have a small living room or aren’t fond of pine needles throughout your home, consider putting your Christmas Tree outside this year. You can still decorate with outdoor lights, even add ornaments, but all the mess is contained to your deck or patio and can be easily cleaned up without killing your vacuum cleaner.

Bonus Tip: Consider buying a live tree – you can plant it in Spring to brighten up your yard.

Tip #2: Run Lights Around Vinyl Patios and Decks

You can quickly jazz up drab vinyl decks and patios with some coloured or white Christmas lights. If you’re not up to hanging lights from the roofline, wind them around your railings or use clips. Remember to find a timer so your lights aren’t on (or off) all the time (and you don’t have to go out in the cold to manage them).

Tip #3: Add Festive Touches

You can easily put some festive touches outside to add some whimsy to vinyl patios and decks. Check out Pinterest for handy, DIY ideas. You can check out craft stores for wreaths, sisal rope, etc. Or look at home stores for fun decorations that will last you for several years.

Quick Tip: Find some outdoor or mineral paint and jazz up a metal table, or paint a few pots and throw holiday plants inside!

Tip #4: Include Green and Red on Vinyl Decks and Patios

Nothing’s more festive than adding a few small green trees to vinyl patios and decks. Slap a red bow (or silver or gold if you prefer) and you have an instant holiday decoration. You can change out the décor in the Spring for a different look.

Tip #5: Get Crafty

There are some amazing crafts you can make with just a few supplies. Here are some ideas:

  • Place solar fairy lights inside a glass lantern
  • Make Christmas trees out of old pallets (paint them green and decorate)
  • Hang some dead branches (birch looks great) and dangle ornaments
  • Spray an old milk can (or another container) silver and fill it with greenery
  • Buy (or make) some wood letter and paint red (such as “J-O-Y”)
  • Make a reindeer out of small logs

There are so many great ideas, you’ll have a hard time picking just one (or, let’s face it, five).

Tip #6: Take Care of Vinyl Decking

Once it’s all said and done, don’t forget to clean up. Sweep off any tree debris from the vinyl deck membrane as soon as you can as you don’t want it to stick to the vinyl surface.

Replacing a vinyl membrane can help dress up shabby vinyl patios and decks for year-round enjoyment – consider scheduling a refurbishment for next spring with a qualified vinyl decking contractor.

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