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Adding a Fire Pit to Vinyl Deck Surfaces

Is the weather cooling off already where you are, but you’re not ready to go inside? It might be time to consider adding a firepit to your vinyl deck surface. While the term “fire pit” might be misleading, what we mean is any type of flame-producing device that stands on your deck. Tuff Industries explores […]

Deck Decorating Ideas

Deck Decorating Ideas by Tufdek Have you ever painted a room and then put your old furniture in it? Pretty blah, huh? Then perhaps it’s time to take a few pages out of the Tufdek book and dress up your deck, patio, or porch with our deck decorating ideas! Idea One: More Comfort Older patio […]

Rooftop Gardening Ideas

If your townhouse, or condo, or home leaves little room to enjoy nature, perhaps it’s time to consider installing a garden on your roof deck or patio? For very little investment you can enjoy all the splendors of your own little forest or garden oasis, with a few tips from Tufdek, of course. Start by […]

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