Gift Ideas

Gifts for the Deck or Patio

Gifts for the Deck or Patio Homemade gifts for the deck or patio are great for the Holiday! Especially when they really mean something, which is why our Tufdek team has pulled together our top 10 gifts that go great on a vinyl deck. So, get your hammer ready as there are some great ideas below to get you started on your search for that perfect handmade present. Gift Idea #1: Day Bed Picture a couch with no back – that’s a day bed! It can be square, rectangular, or even in a sectional shape to suit a larger vinyl...

Adding a Fire Pit to Vinyl Deck Surfaces

Is the weather cooling off already where you are, but you’re not ready to go inside? It might be time to consider adding a firepit to your vinyl deck surface. While the term “fire pit” might be misleading, what we mean is any type of flame-producing device that stands on your deck. Tuff Industries explores […]

Deck Decorating Ideas

Deck Decorating Ideas by Tufdek Have you ever painted a room and then put your old furniture in it? Pretty blah, huh? Then perhaps it’s time to take a few pages out of the Tufdek book and dress up your deck, patio, or porch with our deck decorating ideas! Idea One: More Comfort Older patio […]

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