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Designer Birch Plank

Unless you’re the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time inside your home, you’re likely looking forward to using your roof deck again. If you want to get more out of your space Tuff Industries has some do-it-yourself vinyl roof deck improvement ideas that are right up your alley. Tip One:

We all know the different types of roofing material (asphalt, wood, metal, etc.), but there’s one type of roofing material that’s just a bit different than the rest: waterproof roof decking. Although it’s a waterproof roofing material it has an extra quality: it’s walkable. That means that not only does it act as a roof

A new vinyl patio can make a huge difference when it comes to making your home more inviting, enjoyable, as well as improving the look and feel of your yard space. So how do you go about choosing and installing a patio and vinyl patio decking? Tuff Industries has covered all the options for you:

How to Ensure a Watertight Deck

Thursday, 06 April 2017 by

While it’s great that the sun has finally decided to come out after a long time away, it’s not  all dry and warm from here. A wet April, on top of a soggy March can really test the mettle of your deck – which is why ensuring a watertight deck is so vital. Tuff Industries

Vinyl Roof Deck and Resale Value

Monday, 03 April 2017 by

You have a home, townhome, brownstone etc., and are considering the addition of a vinyl roof deck. The first question you ask yourself – “is it worth it?” Tuff Industries will help you decide whether installing a roof deck will enhance or detract from the sale-ability of your home. Statistics on Vinyl Roof Decks and

During the bad weather months, it’s a great idea to think about how much you’re going to use your vinyl deck or patio this year. One major trend in outdoor entertainment this year is to get even more use out of your spaces by installing an outdoor kitchen. But why should you install an outdoor

Wood decks do offer a neat look – but unless you’re prepared for a huge amount of maintenance it might be better to find an alternative. Whether you are building a new deck/patio, or simply want to refresh the look of your current deck, vinyl decking offers major advantages over wood. Tuff Industries explains why:

Spring is (finally) here, so now is the time to get outdoors and to start enjoying the sun as it starts to warm up. If your vinyl patio or deck doesn’t yet feel cozy enough for regular use, then Tuff Industries has a few suggestions to help it feel more homely: Tip #1: Dining and

Benefits of Vinyl Pool Decks

Monday, 20 March 2017 by

Although concrete was once a popular option for pool surrounds, today vinyl pool decks are just as popular and much more beautiful. Whether for a new build or to revitalize an existing outdoor pool, adding a vinyl pool deck surface offers significant benefits. Tuff Industries has pulled together a few things to consider to help

If your home is in need of more space outdoors, should you build a vinyl patio, or a vinyl deck? Each offers their own advantages. Tuff Industries has pulled together a few tips to help you make the best choice for your home. Differences Between Vinyl Decks and Vinyl Patios So what’s the difference? It’s

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