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Designer Birch Plank

Rental housing can be a boon for anyone looking for an extra income source, or it can be a financial drain and enormous hassle. The key to ensuring that your rental home, condo, or other residence is financially viable is to find a balance between quality and affordable improvements that will keep your rental in

Are you a trend seeker? Trendsetter? Then you’ll love to be the first to decorate vinyl decks with Pantone’s color of the year: purple. Specifically, the color is called 18-3838 or Ultra Violet – a lovely, soft and deep purple. So how should you use it on vinyl decks? Here are a few ideas: Idea

It might sound a bit hokey, making New Year’s Resolutions for an inanimate object, but if you were feeling a bit blah about your vinyl patio/deck last year, it might be a good time to commit to some changes. While you’re welcome to develop your own, Tuff Industries has a few suggestions: Resolution #1: Check

For over 20 years Tufdek™ has provided high-quality vinyl membrane for roof decks, patios, decks, and sundecks. But just how durable is Tufdek™ vinyl membrane? Find out just how much work the Tuff Industries team has put into creating a vinyl deck surface that holds up to weather, traffic, and family life. What’s in a

A new year is almost upon us, and with that, you might be planning to get more use out of vinyl patios and decks this year. If you would like to make a few improvements, check out our top ideas for trends and improvements to vinyl patios and decks. Trend #1: More Color While 2017

ToHave you decided it’s time to install a new vinyl membrane on your deck, patio, roof deck, or pool surround? How do you go about finding the right person for the job? Tuff Industries has pulled together the top recommendations for choosing a professional vinyl membrane installer to help you with your project. Importance of

While your vinyl deck membrane is the foundation of a beautiful deck, the vinyl deck railing serves as your frame. Choosing a vinyl deck railing that complements your deck, house, and surroundings isn’t too difficult – but is important. Tuff Industries has pulled together the top tips to help you choose the best vinyl deck

We all have to take an active role in protecting the environment for future generations, and one way we can do that is by choosing sustainable vinyl roof decking products. An example is those used to replace roof decking or patio surfaces. Here are Tuff Industries top tips for choosing sustainable roof decking (and regular

Homemade gifts are the best! Especially when they really mean something, which is why we’ve pulled together our top 10 gifts that go great on a vinyl deck. So, get your hammer! Gift Idea #1: Day Bed Picture a couch with no back – that’s a day bed! It can be square, rectangular, or even

As the leaves fall and debris collects around your roof deck, you might be thinking fondly of curling up beside the fireplace rather than enjoying the outdoors. Before you head inside to prepare a cup of hot chocolate, take an afternoon to prepare your roof deck for winter to ensure that it’s ready for your

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