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There have been several, high-profile deck collapses in the news recently, and with that comes the concern that your own vinyl deck might be at risk. Tuff Industries will help you ensure that your vinyl deck (and anyone who uses it) is safe for the long term. June-August = Deck Collapse Season Why do the

If your home is more than 20 years old, it’s possible that your vinyl roof deck is starting to show its age. Replacing a vinyl roof deck can be a lengthy and expensive process, it’s a good idea to examine your deck and decide whether a replacement is entirely necessary. You might be able to

You like the outdoors and enjoy spending time on your vinyl deck – so why would you want to hem yourself in with a roof? Tuff Industries explores the myriad of advantages of having a roof over your vinyl deck – and why this time of year is the perfect time to consider installing a

A beautiful summer is over, making now the right time to evaluate your vinyl deck to see if it might be time to start planning a renovation. Tuff Industries recommends that all deck owners give their structure a long look to locate any issues that might become more of a problem as the winter sets

It seems that multiple times per week we hear about a decking construction job that has gone sideways due to shady or unprofessional contractors. What can you do to protect yourself from unscrupulous builders when it comes to installing new vinyl decking or a new vinyl deck or patio? Take the example of Mr. and

Considering a Floating Vinyl Deck?

Thursday, 21 September 2017 by

Now that summer is winding down; you’re probably thinking about next year and how you can improve your backyard space. If building a deck or patio isn’t possible, based on your home’s structure, budget, or layout, consider building a floating vinyl deck in your yard. Tuff Industries explains how. What Makes a Floating Vinyl Deck

Not all contractors are the same, and as a homeowner, you want to ensure that your new vinyl deck, roof deck, or vinyl patio is built correctly – which is why finding professional vinyl deck builders is vital to your project. Discover one homeowner’s nightmare after her deck was built by a “professional” (not a

If you’ve never worked with vinyl deck surface contractors before, you likely don’t know that fall is their busiest time of year. So now is the time to book your project – if you want it to get done before spring, that is. Here are a few more reasons why you should book now for

If you’re looking for a way to quickly upgrade your home or building and make it more attractive for yourself and potential buyers, look no further than vinyl rooftop decks. Adding a deck to your roof, or incorporating it into a new design-build is a quick, easy, and affordable way to get more “home” for

There’s nothing worse than inconsiderate neighbors, really. You know the ones – they start their lawnmower up at 7am, have loud parties every Saturday night, and are constantly hammering at something in their backyard. If that annoys you, then odds are that you don’t want to be “that neighbor” and are trying to find a

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