Tuff-Clad PVC Coated Easy Weld Deck Flashing

PVC metal flashings in 4 colors
Deck ledger flashing and termination details have been difficult and often poorly thought out in the vinyl decking industry. Tuff-Clad now offers the most efficient and permanent solution for terminating your vinyl deck edges with PVC coated, weldable deck ledger flashing. Tuff-Clad is fastened to the substrate and the vinyl membrane is welded to the PVC metal to ensure a long lasting, permanent waterproof finish. There is now no need to adhere the membrane over the edge, mechanically fastening your terminations and risking separation and water penetration.



  • Available in 4 standard colors
  • PVC coating for water tight terminations
  • Standard profiles or custom designs
  • Minimal expansion and contraction
  • Compatible with all Tufdek membrane products


  • Gauge .022 / 24 ga. standard
  • PVC Film thickness – 21 mils
  • Zinc coating designation – Z275 (G90)
  • Colors: Black, White, Grey, Sandalwood


  • Flat stock in 4’ x 8’ sheets
  • Individual standard profiles
  • Custom profiles available

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