Vinyl Cement Based Deck Patch for Tufdek Waterproof Decks

Deck Patch for PVC Membrane Installation

Deck Patch by Tufdek is a cement based modified polymer which can be sanded to create a smooth substrate for the installation of Tuff PVC membranes. Deck Patch dries to a hard smooth surface while maintaining excellent mixing and workability in its non-cured form. Use Deck Patch to fill plywood joints and imperfections in the substrate such as de-lamination, voids and knots.

  • Dry powder formula
  • On site preparation
  • Available in pails for easy transportation
  • Compatible with all Tuff membranes
  • Apply at temperature between 50ºF – 100ºF / 10ºC – 38ºC
  • Application Thickness: to 1/2” /12mm
  • Cure time: 12 hours
  • Single Pails : 5 lb. / 2.27kg
  • Single Pails : 10lb. / 4.54kg

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