ChemLink Caulking and Sealant for Vinyl Decking

M-1 Structural Adhesive tube
Chem Link has an established reputation in the commercial roofing market for producing innovative products. Over the past twenty years they have developed a broad spectrum of products to help the commercial roofing contractor provide the best possible finished product. Chem Link’s superior technology offers non shrinking, high performance characteristics, that are solvent free, odourless, and present no risk to workers or building occupants. Tufdek has tested Chem Link as part of our waterproofing system and are pleased to add them as one of our system partners for vinyl waterproofing.


  • Solvent free
  • 20 minute skin over
  • Paintable
  • Non Shrinking


  • Apply above 30°F (-1ºC) and rising
  • LEED 2.2
  • VOC Less then19g / liter
  • Conforms to California Prop 65
  • Do not freeze


  • Single units
  • Case of 24

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