Trowel On Adhesive for Vinyl Decking

Trowel-On Latex Vinyl Adhesive Bucket
The trowel on adhesive our Tufdek vinyl decking installers use is a high strength latex adhesive offering excellent field workability and is compatibility with all PVC membrane systems by Tuff Industries Inc. Apply Trowel-On adhesive using a 1/16” U-notched trowel to a porous substrate. Membrane is then placed onto fresh wet adhesive allowing for wet glue transfer resulting in faster installation time and higher production.



  • Latex based synthetic polymer
  • Exceptional sheer and peel strength
  • Low odor
  • Compatible with all Tuff membranes


  • Apply at temperatures at or above 40 ºF / 4 ºC and rising
  • Coverage: 130 sq. ft. per gal
  • Apply using a 1/16” U-notch trowel
  • Do not freeze
  • Frozen adhesive must be discarded


  • Single 3.5 US gal / 13.2 L
  • Skid – 48 pails – 3.5 US gal / 13.2 L

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