Tufdek Vinyl Decking Dealers

Tufdek Dealers Canada and US

Tuff Industries’ network of highly skilled and factory-trained Tufdek dealers have been specifically chosen to install our waterproof vinyl decking products. Why? Because they stand behind the fact that we have the world’s toughest vinyl decking that well outperforms all our customers’ expectations.

In fact, many of our authorized Tufdek dealers have been selling our Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking products for over 10 years.

“Professional, organized and caring. The restoration of our decks was finished as designed on schedule.
The workmanship and attention to detail were top tier. They accommodated our need to walk through the back porch during construction.
We would definitely hire them again and highly recommend to anyone.”
Eric – Vancouver, BC

The superior quality and strength of our waterproof vinyl decking products coupled with professional installation services help to give Tufdek vinyl the longest life expectancy over all other vinyl decking products on the market. Our Tufdek dealers deliver on what all of our clients deserve:

  • Quality product
  • Exceptional vinyl colors and patterns
  • Superior customer service
  • And outstanding product warranty

Aside from our superior vinyl decking products, one of the key differentiators for Tufdek is that our Tufdek dealers are properly trained. They are highly experienced at professionally installing Tufdek vinyl decking.

All Tufdek dealers in Canada and the USA undergo hands-on training on actual decks, to ensure that they fully understand real project situations and the correct vinyl decking installation techniques required.

A waterproof vinyl deck is only as good as its installation. The experience of our authorized Tufdek dealers will ensure that you have the longest-lasting waterproof deck surface possible.

Get the Tufdek Advantage

Your local Tufdek vinyl decking dealer can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation for your decking project – whether residential or commercial. During this initial consultation, your local Tufdek dealer will help you understand the many benefits including:

  • Explaining the components and installation of the Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking.
  • Helping you choose from a wide range of vinyl deck flooring designs and designer colors to suit your home’s exterior requirements.
  • Explaining our waterproof vinyl decking installation process to ensure you’re confident about your purchase.
  • Reviewing the Tufdek product Warranty and Maintenance
  • Providing you with a comprehensive, written vinyl decking quote showing the overall costs.
  • Answering any questions you might have, over the phone or in person.

Our Tufdek authorized waterproof vinyl decking dealers go the extra mile to ensure there are no surprises throughout the entire process.

Locate Tufdek Dealers In Your Area Today!

Tufdek vinyl products are independently tested by Trinity | ERD. Discover the possibilities of Tufdek’s superior waterproof vinyl decking for your deck, balcony, walkway, roof-deck, pool deck, or patio today.

To get started, call us toll-free at 1-877-860-9333, contact us through our online contact form or visit our Find an Authorized Tufdek Dealer page.

Please Note: Tufdek vinyl decking products are only available through our specialized, factory trained, “Authorized Tufdek Dealers” who understand the proper waterproofing techniques and envelope design. These professional installation services allow us to offer one of the best Vinyl Decking Warranties on the market.

What Our Tufdek Dealers Have to Say …

“We cater to the discerning client who wants the best possible products and service. Being in the construction industry for over 20 years, we have found Tufdek™ to be the only vinyl decking product to give us quality products, designer colors and excellent customer service, all of which our customers deserve.” Mark H. and Magnus L

“I became a Tufdek™ dealer because of the superior quality of the Tufdek™ vinyl. In comparison to other products I’ve installed over the last 10 years, the strength of Tufdek™ combined with their proprietary Aqueous Based Inks & Polycarbonate Top Finish surface protection makes Tufdek™ the best waterproofing system on the market. I enjoy being able to offer my customers a product that performs well beyond their expectations.” Dave M.

“Quality, quality, quality! Our business is built on our ability to provide the best quality products and installations. Tufdek™ was the only choice for us when it came to choosing a waterproofing product and being “Authorized Tufdek™ Dealers” allows us to offer the best product, service and warranty in the industry.” Dean P

Tufdek is the WORLD’S STRONGEST vinyl decking

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