Top 10 DIY Gift Ideas Outdoorsy Vinyl Deck Owners


Top 10 DIY Gift Ideas Outdoorsy Vinyl Deck Owners


Homemade Gifts to Decorate a Vinyl Deck

Homemade gifts are the best! Especially when they really mean something, which is why we’ve pulled together our top 10 gifts that go great on a vinyl deck. So, get your hammer!

Gift Idea #1: Day Bed

Picture a couch with no back – that’s a day bed! It can be square, rectangular, or even in a sectional shape to suit a larger vinyl deck or patio. All you need is a good base of 2x4s, a platform, and a big cushion.

Gift Idea #2: Sofa for Vinyl Deck

A sofa is really just a day bed with a back to lean on, great for corners and against the edges on a vinyl patio. You’ve got the basics above, just add another piece!

Gift Idea #3: Bar with Pallets

Upcycle some free or cheap old pallets into a cool, rustic bar! Add some lights for ambiance and you have a great gift for mix-master in your life.

Gift Idea #4: Storage and Side Tables

In the same vein as the above ideas, you can easily build storage benches/ottomans, side tables, coffee tables, etc. See what the vinyl deck needs, figure out what your loved one wants, and go from there!

Gift Idea #5: Cool Drinks on Hot Days

Here’s an easy one. Take a regular cooler, create a cedar box with a hinged lid, and pop it inside! Now cool drinks are easily accessible and you have a great-looking box that can double as a coffee table or bench.

Gift Idea #6: Fire Bowl

This one is so easy, yet a great gift. A fireproof bowl, special glass, and fuel are all you need. All these are available at home building and outdoor stores. A five-minute gift that means something!

Gift Idea #7: Converted Chandelier

Upcycle an old chandelier to hang over a vinyl deck. Simply replace any lighting with solar lights, or even wrap with tiny white holiday lights to be used all year round.

Gift Idea #8: Wall Planters

Help a small vinyl deck become a green oasis with a wall planter (or more than one). You can have a group of smaller boxes, or try a pallet – they work well and leave lots of room for plants.

Gift Idea #9: Hanging Planter

If there’s room to hang plants, help by building a few hangers. All you need is some rope and platforms. Include a gift certificate to a local nursery so your loved one can get plants in the spring.

Gift Idea #10: I don’t DIY!

Hey, we get it. You’re hopeless with a hammer and can’t cut straight to save your life. We have you covered – nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a brand new vinyl deck surface! Book today.

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