Quick Tips to Enjoy your Vinyl Patio

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Quick Tips to Enjoy your Vinyl Patio


Enjoying summer? Perhaps you’re not getting as much out of your vinyl patio as you had hoped – we have a few tips to help you get more out of your patio or deck this year:

Tip #1: Clean and Inspect the Vinyl Membrane

You might be tempted to do a quick sweep and then put out your furniture, but failing to properly clean your vinyl patio surface regularly can lead to problems further down the road. Give the surface a quick clean (this is why vinyl membrane is so great, it takes so little effort to maintain) and, while you’re at it, check the vinyl surface for any signs of trouble.

Tip #2: Protect your Vinyl Patio

It’s important to ensure that anything you put on your deck or patio isn’t going to cause damage by scratching the surface. Newer patio furniture is typically fine as the feet are capped with plastic, but over time (especially if your furniture is stored outdoors in the winter) the protection can wear down or become jagged. Check the feet of chairs and tables, as well as the bottoms of pots and wheels on barbecues, etc. You can use waterproof tape or felt pads.

Tip #3: Invest in Color

Refresh your deck this spring with a bit of colour – it will make your deck feel near new, without the major investment in a new deck surface or railings. Flowers are a great bet, either in pots, on the railings, or hanging baskets; but so are throw pillows, wall hangings table runners, and new plant pots.

Tip #4: Consider a Reno

Once you’ve cleaned off your deck and re-installed your furniture with a few tweaks, your vinyl patio might still look a bit shabby, in which case it’s probably time to consider a renovation. By installing a new vinyl membrane you can instantly refresh your deck and only takes a few days.

Tip #5: Enhance Comfort

Staying comfortable on your vinyl patio is the key to long-term enjoyment; whether that means some new outdoor couches, shade in the form of an umbrella or a shade sail, and pest management. It might take a small investment, but will be worth it in the long term.

So, need help? Check out our Tufdek™ gallery of vinyl patios and decks for inspiration and then give us a call.

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