No Deck, No Problem! Planning for New Vinyl Decks


No Deck, No Problem! Planning for New Vinyl Decks

The adage, “what you don’t know, won’t hurt you,” doesn’t really apply when it comes to vinyl decks. When the weather warms and you’re looking for a comfortable place outside to put up your feet, you’ll likely notice the lack of a defined space to do so – in which case the time has come to embrace these tips on planning for new vinyl decks.

Tip #1: Discover the Purpose

Do new vinyl decks really need a defined purpose? Taking the time to consider what the ultimate purpose will be can help considerably with planning the perfect space. Although you may want somewhere to sit and relax, you might also consider entertaining, cooking, having your grandkids over, etc. Each purpose requires a different approach to planning vinyl decks.

Tip #2: Analyze Surroundings

Does your new vinyl deck need to increase privacy, or embrace open spaces? Do you want protection from the elements, or to enjoy the sunshine on your face? Again, thinking ahead can help you plan for materials and elements of new vinyl decks, rather than finding out something is missing and reducing your enjoyment or having to make changes down the road at extra cost.

Tip #3: Access to Vinyl Decks

Stairways and access seem to be an afterthought when it comes to new vinyl decks, which is unfortunate as there’s nothing worse than having to skirt patio chairs, ask people on the deck to move, or contort around a corner to get on and off your deck. It can help to “layout” new vinyl decks beforehand by placing large elements like patio furniture and barbecues, then using string to represent railings, doorways, and staircases.

Tip #4: Consider Materials

Materials for your railings, panels or spindles, and roof (if required) are an essential consideration. Each element can add to new vinyl decks, or detract from them. If you’re not sure what materials to use, tour your neighborhood, as it can provide you with ideas as to what works with different house styles, or your own personal taste. Online visual aids like Pinterest or Houzz can also give you ideas to jump off with.

Vinyl deck contractors are also a great resource – they can help you choose the best materials, size of the deck, and layout to take full advantage of your home’s available deck space. With a bit of planning, you could enjoy a brand new deck this summer!

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