Here’s Why Permits for Vinyl Roof Decks Are Necessary


Here’s Why Permits for Vinyl Roof Decks Are Necessary

Avoid Costly Delays with the Proper Permits for Vinyl Roof Deck Construction

It seems that, far too often, a story is reported about a home or building owner who decides to build a deck or roof deck without a permit. Why is that? Sure, you could capture some short-term savings by neglecting to apply for a permit to install a vinyl roof deck, but is it worth it? Here’s what happened to one building owner in Brooklyn, NY, according to ABC News.

No Permit, So What?

This building owner in Brooklyn began installing a heavy roof deck on a building in Crown Heights, and neighbours took notice. Even if you think that you can “sneak one by” inspectors, neighbours are likely to notice when a crane arrives on site to hoist materials up to the roof.

In this case, nearby residents were concerned that the roof deck wouldn’t be able to handle the additional weight and alerted authorities.

A Little Weight, A Lot of Value?

It would seem that the building owner wished to install the roof deck in order to increase the value of the building. Unfortunately, tenants in the building were extremely concerned that the roof would not be structurally sound. Then they began to notice cracks in the ceiling. It’s one thing to have an unsafe deck on the exterior of your home, it’s another completely to have it right over your head!

After an inspector was contacted, a stop work order was issued. Did that stop the owner from building the roof deck? Nope.

Now What Happens to Vinyl Roof Decks?

There’s some type of theory found among people who build without permits that if they can just “get the job done” they’ll be safe – keep this story in mind if you’re going to build a vinyl roof deck. After the stop-work order in September, the building owner kept on going. The result? A $15,000 fine, for starters. Furthermore, the owner now has 10 days to rip out the deck completely and return it to its original condition. Should he choose to ignore this request he could face more fines and possible criminal charges.

A Bit Now, A Lot Later

For small savings, building a vinyl roof deck without a permit is just not worth it. Even if you discount what it could cost, without a permit and inspection you’ll have no way of knowing if your new vinyl roof deck is structurally sound. If you think that an unsanctioned vinyl roof deck will add value to your home – think again.

This is why Tuff Industries strongly recommends the use of a qualified vinyl roof deck contractor for your next project. Our Tufdek™ experts have years of experience and can ensure that your next vinyl deck surface is installed correctly from start to finish.

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