5 Tips for Perfect Vinyl Patio Pool Parties

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5 Tips for Perfect Vinyl Patio Pool Parties

Summer is perfect for pool parties, none more so than when your pool is surrounded by a beautiful vinyl patio. So how do you plan the perfect pool party? Here are  a few tips:

Tip One: Pool Prep

About a week before your planned party, test all pool-related systems, including lights and jets. Get your pH and chlorine levels are on point, and regularly skim the pool to take debris out. Meanwhile, clear the area around your pool and inspect toys and furniture to remove anything that’s not working optimally.

Tip Two: Get your Game Face

Whether kids, families or just adults are visiting your vinyl pool deck for the party, you’ll want to have some fun and games planned to pass the time. Water games are perfect, but so are games like bocce ball, ring toss, giant Jenga, etc. Plan ahead so everyone has a good time.

Tip Three: Prepare your Vinyl Patio

A few days prior, prep your vinyl patio for guests. Remove furniture so you can give it a good brush/hose off to remove debris. Instead of a central table, you might like to have it off to the side for food and drinks, while moving chairs closer to the pool area.

Tip Four: Plan Food & Drinks

Plan your food and drinks well ahead of time, so you don’t have to rush to prep (or ask others to bring supplies). Finger foods are an excellent choice, as they’re easy and portable, but barbecue is also a crowd-pleasing option. Set up a few different drinks for kids and adults, as well as coolers of ice so guests can cool what they choose to bring.

Tip Five: Select some Songs

Having music, even in the background, can help turn slow parties into memorable moments. Plan for wireless speakers or set up your current system outside. Aim to have a few speakers around the perimeter so that the music can be enjoyed by all. For fun, designate a few “DJs” who will trade off during the night to bring their tunes to the crowd.

After you’ve hosted your party, it’s time to clean up! Luckily, cleaning dirt, stains, and spill from a vinyl patio is a breeze, for the most part, you’ll just need some water. A light scrub can take care of most sticky spots, so your vinyl patio will be ready and waiting for guests at your next party!


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