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Designer Birch Plank

It might not be here just yet, but spring is just around the corner and that means preparing your vinyl decking surface for a few lovely months of enjoyment. Over the winter, various dirt and debris has been collecting on the deck, along with possibly snow and de-icer, which all need to be cleared before

There are so many options when it comes to the materials you use to cover your deck, why choose a vinyl deck surface? Tuff Industries explores why a vinyl deck surface makes for the best deck material. One: Vinyl Deck Surfaces are Long-Lasting There’s nothing worse than investing in a product for your home, only

Although the building of a deck seems like a straightforward enterprise, unsafe decking accounts for an estimated 60% of decks.[1] Whether you are building a new deck, upgrading, or inheriting through a purchase – it’s vital to take the following Tuff Industries recommended steps to ensure that your vinyl decking is safe. What factors affect

This article on the National Post website recently caught our attention, as we were hoping that it would promote a vinyl membrane over wood decks. Unfortunately, it does not address alternatives to wood deck construction, but it does offer a unique opportunity to talk about some common misconceptions about wood decks versus vinyl decks. Tuff

Countdown to New Vinyl Deck Season

Thursday, 28 January 2016 by

Although it’s roughly three months (give or take a snowstorm) until vinyl deck building season begins, now is the time to get started. Even if you only have a hunch that this year will involve a new deck for your home, cottage, or condo, you need to start planning now in order to be positioned

Another year has passed, and still you have the same old deck. Make 2016 the year of the deck with the following Tuff Industries recommended New Year’s resolutions for your vinyl deck: Install a Brand New Deck If your current vinyl deck is in dire condition, then it’s time for a new deck. Don’t despair

Enclosing the Space Under your Vinyl Deck

Thursday, 17 December 2015 by

It’s probably something you’ve never thought of – you have a beautiful new or refitted vinyl deck to enjoy – who cares what’s underneath it? You will, of course, as the space under vinyl decks can become a haven for all kinds of critters, so you’ll want to think about closing it in. Likewise, without

Enjoying Vinyl Patios in the Fall

Monday, 05 October 2015 by

For many homeowners, the first fallen leaves from the trees indicate that it’s time to pack things in and head indoors. But why? Sunny fall afternoons are a terrific time to enjoy your vinyl patio, as long as you undertake a few tips from Tuff Industries first. Add Some Color When summer fades, so does

5 Steps to a New Vinyl Deck

Monday, 05 October 2015 by

Unless you are in a brand new home, the chances are that sometimes in the near future your home is going to need a new vinyl deck. So where should you start? Tuff Industries has some tried and true advice to help you get from old deck to new, in just a few steps. Step

All structures have a lifespan – from your home itself to all the little extras, including vinyl decks, patios, roof decks, etc. The tricky part is deciding whether it’s time for your deck to get renovated, or replaced.  Fortunately, Tuff Industries can help you with that decision. The major indicator that your deck is failing

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