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About Tuff Industries &
Tufdek™ Vinyl Deck Flooring

The TUFDEK ™ Story

On the surface all deck and roof vinyl products appear to be created equal…nothing could actually be further from the truth.

Bryan Hughes and Michele Reynolds are the owners of Tuff Industries and the creators of the company’s “Signature Brand”, Tufdek ™ waterproof vinyl decking.

Back in the early 90’s they saw an opportunity to expand on Bryan’s knowledge and experience in the vinyl deck waterproofing business by taking a road rarely traveled; “the high road” (actually, not just “the high road” but the “higher than everybody else road”). In doing so, they created the most innovative, robust and technically sound waterproof vinyl decking system in the industry.

Was Tufdek ™ vinyl decking a fluke?  We like to think NOT! The actual development of Tufdek ™ deck waterproofing products was no easy task.

With over 20 years in the vinyl decking development process and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on R & D, the goal of bringing Tufdek™ waterproof vinyl decking to market has become a reality.

Now, with our “Authorized Tufdek ™ Dealers” installing our unique deck waterproofing system on thousands of projects for Architects and Engineers throughout North America, Tufdek ™ has become the new industry standard for quality vinyl deck waterproofing.

At Tuff Industries we are proud of the hard work and dedication of our “Authorized Tufdek ™ Dealers”.  As a vinyl decking company we would not be here today if it were not for the business owners/dealers who, 20 years ago, chose to take a chance and believe in us, our dreams, and our revolutionary vinyl deck waterproofing products.

We believe in our waterproof vinyl decking products and believe that success in business can be achieved when we align ourselves with other companies who also have a passion for what they do.  So, come join our Tufdek ™ team, by either specifying our Tufdek ™ vinyl decking waterproofing products or applying to be an “Authorized Tufdek™ Dealer”.

Tuff Industries may not be the biggest vinyl decking company in the market, but we still walk “the high road” and are proud to say so. To learn more about the Tufdek ™ waterproof vinyl decking system call toll free at 1-877-860-9333.



Tufdek is the " WORLD'S STRONGEST " vinyl decking