Unique Vinyl Deck Installations Photo Gallery by Tufdek

Designer Birch Plank

Deck Photo Gallery of Unique
Vinyl Decking Installation Projects

Tufdek™ is always looking for new ways to put its remarkable waterproof exterior deck flooring to use, and in this deck photo gallery below you’ll find a few photos of some unique waterproof decking installation examples. Tufdek™ waterproof decking can be used in a variety of applications, not only to provide roof-level protection to the underlying surface and building envelope, but also to improve and enhance the look of your home or commercial outdoor space. For example, Tufdek™ vinyl decking products can be used for waterproof roof deck systems, installed on staircases as a slip-resistant solution, used as commercial flooring, and even as a waterproof pool deck or garage roof! Anywhere you require waterproof deck protection over a flat surface, Tufdek™ vinyl decking membranes can deliver and will keep delivering for many years to come – so you have a worry-free, low maintenance deck flooring or roof deck covering that looks terrific as well.

Tufdek is the " WORLD'S STRONGEST " vinyl decking
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